Buying New Scrubs? 6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Professional Medical Uniform!

For most healthcare professionals, scrubs populate their wardrobe. As a matter of fact, a scrub set (loose-fitting pants and tops) like the ones at is the standard work uniform or attire for healthcare workers in Australia, the US, and several other countries.

Most hospitals even have their own regulations on scrubs, specifying a particular fit, colour, and cut. Whether you are on or off duty, you still want to feel and look your best. Since you will be rocking those loose scrubs along the hospital hallways on a 10-hour or more shifts, you need to find the perfect pair to complement your style and ensure your comfort.

  1. Consider Colours First

It can be tempting to just buy scrubs in your favourite lavender color or one that features bright prints and designs. However, as previously mentioned, some hospitals have their own policies on scrubs. They can be quite selective about employee uniforms and require you to stick to a specific colour or scheme.

Thus, before you make a purchase, you need to first check with your employer if there are any colour requirements for your specific position. Now, if you are given the freedom to choose whatever you want, then, indulge yourself and pick whatever you want.

You can find modern colours and individually designed scrubs at that will surely fit your style.

  1. Pockets Are Must-Haves

No healthcare professional would want scrubs without the handy pockets. Pockets in the pants and tops can be quite convenient during a long-hour shift.

You get to keep all small essential items close, such as pens, alcohol pads, phone, and other small items at all times. This prevents the need to ask your co-workers for assistance or even running back and forth just because you forgot your pen.

Plus, these pockets are excellent hand warmers when you have no time to hold onto a hot cup of coffee during a cold winter night shift.

  1. Comfort’s a Priority

We all know how doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have long shifts. As a matter of fact, hospitals even have resting rooms for their staff to rest for an hour or two to get a needed break.

This only means that they will be wearing scrubs for longer periods and use them as their pajama during breaks. Thus, you will need to choose high-quality scrubs made of really soft materials.

They can be 100 per cent cotton or made with moisture-wicking material and other garment that offers a nice stretch to help you stay comfortable as you walk and move around all day long!

  1. Choose Premium Quality

As a healthcare professional, scrubs will be what you’ll wear on a daily basis. Thus, choosing scrubs of the highest quality, like the ones from, is a must.

Although you can have several pairs to wear throughout the week, these clothing will still have to endure lots of washing. After all, you work in an environment where infectious diseases and lots of bacteria and viruses are involved.

And, being hygienic and washing your scrubs after use is a must. Thus, you will have to choose scrubs with premium quality that will not easily wear and should last longer.

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